10 Reasons To Spend $199 Today!

  • Confirm your garage door is closed before you go to sleep
  • Get notified if someone opens your door
  • Activate your garage door remotely
  • Confirm your home is secure when you are not home
  • Easy access for all family members with smart phones
  • Never get locked out of your home again
  • Know your home is safe
  • Know your pets are safe
  • Know your belongings are safe
  • Know your vehicle is safe


dealofthedayicon$199 = Retrofit smart phone control to existing motor
$199 = New motor smart phone control compatible
$199 + $199 = New motor with smart phone control


Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact an Access team member for any other questions you may have. We would love to help, thank you.

  • Is it only $199?
    Yes, as long as you have good Wi-Fi signal and cell coverage , the internet gateway (smartphone controller) will professionally be connected to you existing motor.
  • Can the smartphone controller be added to every type of garage door opener?
    Yes, the internet gateway can be connected to all brands and models of garage door openers , as long as the opener is UL325 certified.
  • What is UL325 certification?
    UL325 certification is the current safety code for garage door openers , all openers since 1997 are UL325 certified which means the opener has safety beams and automatic reverse.
  • Can you connect it up to an older motor , without UL325?
    The internet gateway will work with older motors as long as you retro fit it with safety beams to bring it up to code.
  • How much does it cost for retro fit?
    It is usually cheaper to buy a brand new garage door opener for $199, then it is to retro fit an older motor.
  • what would my total cost be, if I have an older motor that is not UL325 compliant ?
    Your total cost would them be $199 for a new motor plus $199 for the internet Gateway for a total of $398.
  • Do you prices include sales tax?
    No, local sales tax will need to be added to the $199
  • Is there a monthly fee to control the garage door opener from the smartphone?
    No, there is no monthly fee . You download a FREE app , so there are never any additional fees.
  • How many smartphones can be connected to the internet gateway?
    You can connect an unlimited amount of smartphones directly through the app by sending an email invitation to the additional phone(s)
  • Does the internet gateway work on both IPhone (IOS) and Android?
    Yes, it is compatible with both systems , for IPhone download from ITunes App store and Android install from Google Play.
  • Is the process difficult?
    No, the process is simple , the technician will take care of the entire process including training you on how to use the app.
  • How long does installation take?
    The technician should be able to complete each garage door setup in less than 30 minutes.
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